Boeing 777X completes first flight

Jan 26, 2020

Boeing 777X completes first flight

Washington DC (USA), Jan 26: US aircraft manufacturer Boeing has conducted the first test flight of a large passenger jet, the 777X.
The twin-engine aircraft is an advanced version of the Boeing 777, with more than 400 seats.
The plane took off from an airport outside Seattle on Saturday morning, and landed about four hours later.
The new model uses a lightweight carbon composite material in its wings to achieve improved fuel efficiency and a longer flight range.
The firm has received orders for more than 350 planes, including 20 from Japan's All Nippon Airways. But the first delivery, which was initially scheduled for last year, is expected to be pushed back to early next year due to troubles during tests.
Boeing is facing tough business conditions as the grounding of its 737 MAX aircraft continues following two fatal crashes.
The company has suspended the model's production as of this month. Some related firms have decided to lay off workers.
Boeing has indicated it won't get approval to restart flights of the 737 MAX until the middle of this year at the earliest.
Source: NHK World