Casio introduces musical instruments in California

Jan 26, 2020

Casio introduces musical instruments in California

California [US], Jan 26 (ANI): On its 40th anniversary, Casio has introduced its musical instruments in California.
Forty years ago, the first musical electronic keyboard -- the Casio tone CT-201 -- was introduced to the world with the goal of bringing the enjoyment of music to more people.
Casio is celebrating this important occasion at its booth in the NAMM show, held in Anaheim, California. This is the largest gathering of its kind with the participation of more than 2,000 musical instrument companies from all over the world.
"In 1980 Casio was already famous for both its watches and calculators but our co-founder and inventor Toshio Kashio, who was a music lover, thought it would be wonderful to reproduce the sound instruments that are typically difficult to play, just using his own hand on a keyboard. he succeeded in recreating the sounds of 29 different instruments, making them playable on a piano-style keyboard. The Casiotone CT-201 came into being an unprecedented new form of musical instrument," said Takao Matsuda of Casio.
Casio's invention brought the charm of music to the people regardless of their skill level in playing musical instruments.
Many music lovers are visiting Casio's booth to celebrate its instrument's 40th anniversary.
Some are checking its latest product and a new trend of music while others are having hands-on experience.
"I actually have an M Audio but I am looking for a new one, I really like this one. This is cool, the sound are great, different sound with high quality. I like that," a visitor said. (ANI)