Europe sees rise in cases among healthcare workers

Mar 31, 2020

Europe sees rise in cases among healthcare workers

London (United Kingdom), Mar 31: An increasing number of coronavirus cases among healthcare workers is putting a strain on medical services in Europe.
Spain reported about 6,400 new cases on Monday, bringing the country's total to 85,195. This means that the country has overtaken China in the number of cases, and is now third to the United States and Italy.
The Spanish government said 14 percent of those infected, or 12,298 people, are healthcare workers. Many of the infections took place in Madrid and Catalonia, which were among the country's hardest-hit areas.
Those regions are forced to deal with a growing number of critically ill patients with a decreasing number of medical workers.
Spain's health minister Salvador Illa said on Monday that the government is studying steps to ease the burden, such as moving seriously ill patients to hospitals in less affected areas.
In Italy, the number of medical workers infected with the coronavirus stood at about 9,000 as of Monday. A doctors' federation said 63 doctors have died from the virus.
The federation issued a statement demanding that the government provide all doctors with medical masks and test them for the virus on a regular basis.
Source: NHK World