NYC protester turns self in after NYPD standoff: reports

Aug 09, 2020

NYC protester turns self in after NYPD standoff: reports

Washington DC (USA), Aug 9: Derrick Ingram, a protest organizer and founder of Warriors in the Garden, turned himself in to police Saturday morning after he was accused of assaulting an officer by yelling into her ear with a megaphone, according to the New York Times.
It comes a day after police blocked off a street in Hell's Kitchen while trying to arrest him. Videos and pictures online showed dozens of police officers, some with riot gear, holding people back from the block. According to a report in The Gothamist, police officers urged him to surrender for five hours, claiming they had a warrant but not showing it.
The police eventually dispersed. Protesters then gathered Saturday morning to march with Ingraham to the 18th Precinct.
"I'm highly traumatized from everything, from the drones to the dogs to the lies that have been told by the NYPD. I'm ready to make a change. I think we should focus our efforts on getting Commissioner Shea out of office," he told a crowd of supporters at Bryant Park.
Sgt. Jessica McRorie told the New York Times that Ingram was arrested in connection with an incident that occurred during a protest in June. He allegedly placed a megaphone against an officer's ear and yelled, "causing pain and protracted impairment of hearing."
The New York Times reports that Ingram was released Saturday afternoon after the Manhattan district attorney's office asked for his charge to be reduced to a misdemeanor.
The NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment Saturday.
Source: Fox News