Pompeo: HK security law 'affront to all nations'

Jul 02, 2020

Pompeo: HK security law 'affront to all nations'

Washington DC (USA), July 2: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has condemned China's national security law on Hong Kong, saying it could be applied to Americans. He says the US will continue to implement its policy to end the territory's special economic status.
Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Pompeo said, "Security forces are already rounding up Hong Kongers for daring to think and speak freely." He added, "The rule of law has been eviscerated."
Pompeo said the new law purports to apply to offenses committed outside of Hong Kong by nonresidents of the territory, and this likely includes Americans. He said, "This is outrageous and an affront to all nations."
Pompeo said President Donald Trump wants to ensure that, with a handful exceptions, Hong Kong is treated just like mainland China because that is the way President Xi Jinping has chosen to treat the territory.
Pompeo stressed that the Trump administration will basically strip Hong Kong of its special economic status.
The Trump administration earlier announced it will end exports of defense equipment and dual-use technology through Hong Kong.
Observers say the US measures will likely impact businesses and people's lives in Hong Kong.
Source: NHK World