Rob Gronkowski included in cryptic video with caption 'news will drop tomorrow night'

Sep 09, 2019

Rob Gronkowski included in cryptic video with caption 'news will drop tomorrow night'

Washington (USA) September 09: On the heels of the Antonio Brown signing, speculation for the return of tight end Rob Gronkowski is heating up after the former All-Pro was recorded on video catching passes with the New England Patriots during a return visit to Gillette Stadium on Saturday night.
A caption on an Instagram message posted Saturday in Foxboro by former Patriot, Willie McGinest, read: "news will drop tomorrow night."
"Major comebacks happening in Foxboro stay tuned news will drop tomorrow night," McGinest said.
Gronkowski and Martellus Bennett, two Ex-Patriots, were seen catching passes from retired quarterback Drew Bledsoe, the team's starter before future Hall of Famer, Tom Brady, took over. Gronk, who stated he isn't mentally ready to play right now, has made it clear he's open to returning in the future if he feels he's ready, although the timetable for that happening is quite murky.
"I'm just in the first stage right now," Gronkowski said last Tuesday. "When that time comes down in the future, if I have the desire to play football again, if I feel passionate about football again, if I'm feeling I need to be out there on the field, I will go back to football."
"As of right now, that is not the case. It could be the case in six months; it could be the case in two years; it could be the case in three years; it could be the case in three months. But I truly don't see it in the foreseeable future in like a week or a month," he added.
It's not clear what "news" will drop on Sunday as the Patriots are scheduled to open their season against the Pittsburgh Steelers at 8:30 p.m. They will unveil the championship banner of their sixth Super Bowl victory roughly 30 minutes before the game.
Still, after the Brown signing on Saturday, New England Patriots fans have used social media to beg for their favorite tight end to make a return.
In his post-NFL life, Gronk mentioned he has been getting into the business world while enjoying his time away from football and said he's got a lot dropping "in the next couple of weeks" with his family.
He discussed some of his ailments, including concussions, suffered during football while talking with NBC's Philip Mena in late August.
"I used to have liquid, [my head] used to be thick. My head used to be thicker, like a centimeter of liquid in some spots and I'd feel it and be like, 'What the heck?' You could put indents in my head, he said.
Even so, Gronk didn't rule out a possible return during an interview on "Good Morning America" on August 28, exclaiming, "I've been changing up everything, having new energy. I may be back!"
Source: Fox News