Trump against limits on high-tech exports to China

Feb 19, 2020

Trump against limits on high-tech exports to China

Washington DC (USA) Feb 19: US President Donald Trump has spoken out against proposals to further restrict the sale of high-tech goods to China.
The comments come after reports that his administration was considering limits on the export of jet engines and other products to the country.
Trump said on Twitter that the US shouldn't make it difficult for other countries to buy its goods, calling the use of national security concerns an "excuse".
He added that some of the regulations under consideration are "ridiculous".
Trump said he wants China to buy American jet engines, which he called "the best in the world".
The comments run counter to reports that the government was eyeing limits on shipments of General Electric engines to China, based on national security concerns.
Trump's stance contrasts with the tough approach his administration has taken toward doing business with Chinese telecom giant Huawei.
He stressed the need for the US to be flexible in its approach.
Trump said, "I will say that we're not going to be sacrificing our companies, for all of the growth and everything else. I've been very tough on Huawei, but that doesn't mean we have to be tough on everybody that does something. We want to be able to sell all of this incredible technology."
Trump also said that if the US doesn't supply its products, then China will make them itself.
Source: NHK World