US to send surplus goods to Italy, France, Spain

Mar 31, 2020

US to send surplus goods to Italy, France, Spain

Washington DC (USA), Mar 31: US President Donald Trump says he will send surplus medical equipment to European countries that are hard-hit by infections of the new coronavirus.
Trump told reporters on Monday that he will be procuring necessary goods from around the world and then sending any excess to countries such as Italy, France and Spain.
The United States has already obtained supplies such as medical masks, gloves and thermometers from China and is set to work with other countries to acquire more necessities.
The US has over 140,000 infections, the most in the world.
Referring to his decision to extend social distancing guidelines until the end of April, Trump said "this is a very vital 30 days." He said about a million lives could be saved if people follow the guidelines.
Source: NHK World